OST Synchronization Issues with Email Organizer Application

Posted on March 31, 2015
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MS Exchange Server may be considered as the best collaborative messaging environment, but one cannot deny from the possibility of corruption it holds. One of the top examples is the uses of email organizer applications. Today, various email organizer tools are used with Exchange Server for easy management of the emails in MS Outlook.

Purpose of email organizers is to organize and manage PST (Personal Storage) files, IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol), mailboxes in a better manner. These organizers are installed on the client machine from which is also used for synchronizing the OST (Offline Storage) file with Microsoft Exchange Server database and download newly received emails from the server. Despite of so many benefits these tools might land you in trouble. One of them is trouble in synchronizing the OST (Offline storage Table) file with Exchange Server.

Taking a practical instance, you may come across the MAPI errors in Exchange Server Synchronization Log during fast (ICS) for full synchronization with Microsoft Outlook. Such errors are usually reported as “Unspecified Error” and in some situations, you may also get few MAPI error codes like 80040115 or 80040119.

Root Cause of this Issue

The major cause for such error messages is the corruption in Exchange Server or user profile. Because of the corruption, the Exchange Server database and OST file fails to establish connection. This can be explained in a way that the user system stores exact copy of MS Exchange Server mailbox. The data are stored in the form of OST file on client hard drive. Now, when Exchange Server is connected with the client machine, the OST file is synchronized with Exchange Server mailbox and automatically gets converted into PST. But, OST file fails to convert into PST file because of occurrence of corruption. Consequently, accessibility to Outlook in non-Exchange environment stops immediately.


An easiest solution to this crisis is to recreate Exchange Server user profile. For this, you would need to have administrator privileges, so as to log into Exchange Server. After you have recreated the profile, you will have to convert OST file to PST file manually for using it with Exchange Server profile. If you want prolific and accurate conversion and that too without any hassles, using a third party OST to PST converter tools can be an apt solution.

Professionally created OST PST conversion tool successfully convert OST file to working PST file at the time when Exchange server goes down. You can uses professional OST to PST conversion software to  convert OST files with all of its items like emails, journals, calendar, notes, tasks, contacts, and attachments into working PST file with ease and accuracy. The tool effectively resolves the problem of email conversion and enables you sit at ease. Incorporated with easy to use graphical user interface, software is exclusively wonderful in its working and functions. The OST to PST Conversion is an effective and reliable OST to PST Conversion software that also comes with free version to provide option to test its functionalities.

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